Experience the Grace of Our Circling Space Invocation

As I begin writing this, I’m aware of a warm feeling in my heart area and a softness in my hands that’s causing me to type in a much sweeter way than I usually do. Normally, I abuse my computer keys, as if every little tap allows me to release frustration and anger that I don’t even know I’m carrying.


Right now though, I feel tender. The Circling Space Invocation is already washing over me and it feels like a blanket of acceptance – a soothing mother who loves me no matter what messes I make.


I’m smiling because my dear friend and Co-Circling Facilitator, Sarah Alalawi read the Invocation in a facilitator’s circle, not knowing it was going to be replayed.


To Sarah, it was probably just another casual reading of the Invocation, but to me, it was so full of her natural, loving innocence, that I HAD to turn it into a video. (Thank you, Sarah.)


I’ve created Circling Space with the intention of honoring both “masculine” and “feminine” energy. The “masculine” is can be found in the more structural elements – like our seven principles. And the “feminine” is present in the loving, devotional nature of our Invocation.


And for me, the Principles and the Invocation fit together like a well-matched, married couple.


Funny, even the way each one came into existence represents two different energies. I purposefully and consciously set out to create the Circling Space Principles and I painstakingly edited them to include (and exclude) exactly what I wanted.


It was entirely different with the Circling Space Invocation. I was just doing yoga at home on my mat when the words (and sacred feeling) spontaneously flowed through me. I knew it was whole when it came through, so I jumped up and wrote it down word-for-word.


It moved me. I shared it with the Circling Space Facilitators and it moved them.


And today, it still touches me every time I read it.


And even more so when I hear the version above with Sarah’s clear, innocent, sweetly-paced voice hugging every word.


When you need guidance on how to circle, turn to the Principles. But when you want to feel more inspired about circling – and all it offers us – listen to our Circling Space Invocation.

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