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Private circling is powerful because it focuses on YOU in the PRESENT. Therapy is pre-occupied with your past. Coaching pushes you into the future. Circling takes place in the sweet-spot of the NOW — the place where healing can happen.

Treat yourself to the joy of private circling.

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Lives in: Sedona and Scottsdale, AZ


Fun Fact: In a Shadow Workshop stage exercise,
          Vicki had to play the role of a masturbating nun.


Circling Superpowers:  Empathic Intuition, Willingness to Be Messy, Loving Truth Sayer.


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato (by Talenti)


What You’d Like Us to Know About You:  One of my biggest honors in life

 is having been a surrogate mother… twice. 





Lives in:  Westfield, NJ, USA


Fun Fact:  Marc hypnotized his first volunteer when he was just 16.


Circling Superpowers:  Playful, Curious, Holder of Big-Hearted Spaces.


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Butter Pecan


What You’d Like Us to Know About You: I’ve been in fire, police and EMS service and I owned a commodity trading company. I’ve also been a national soccer referee, a high school teacher, a family therapist, an author, a motivational speaker, a clinical and stage hypnotist, and even a Mayor.  




Lives In:  Encinitas, California, USA


Fun Fact:  Kate once was interrogated at an airport when she accidently set off the terminal alarm.


Circling Superpowers:  Deep Penetrating Insight, Sense of Humor, Mischievousness  


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  French Vanilla (and chocolate malt with coffee flavoring)

What You’d Like Us to Know About You:  I love to swing dance and I’m an excellent cook.



Lives in:  Antwerp, Beligium


Fun Fact:  At 16, Els participated in a Belgium Dance Camp and changed her name to Jennifer so she could pretend to be half-American. 


Circling Superpowers:  Deep Sensuous Feminine Presence, Wise Soulful Curiosity, Evocateur of Magic and Mystery. 


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Häagen-Dazs Vanilla.


What You’d Like Us to Know About You: I see myself as a modern-day troubadour. I’m moved by harmony, grace, beauty, wonder and curiosity.



Lives in:  Portmore, Jamaica (Mahhn)

Fun Fact:
  Even though Joneil lives on a tropical island, he doesn’t know how to swim.


Circling Superpowers:  Big Jamaican Heart, Amazing Capacity to Listen, Fun and Patient Approach


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Rum & Raisin


What You’d Like us to Know About You:  I laugh more than a sane person should.



Lives in:  Amsterdam, Netherlands


Fun Fact:  At age of 9, Lara won a Disco Dance Contest. The prize? A 45 of Donna Summer’s Heaven Knows.


Circling Superpowers:  Expansive Somatic Wisdom, Playful Sensuality, Tenaciously Loving and Supportive Guide


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:   (Non-Dairy Vegan Frozen Desert) Booja-Booja – Chocolate Salted Caramel

What You’d Like us to Know About You: I’m half tarot-reading, French Gypsy (mom) and half Columbia-Bred Academic New Yorker (dad).



Lives In: Esbo, Finland


Fun Fact:  Nina has run not one, but several marathons.


Circling Superpowers:  Spacious Presence, Yoda-like Insight, Deep Dedication to Connection 


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Chocolate 


What You’d Like us to Know About You:  About 10 years ago, I received a terminal diagnosis. This put me on a path of embracing alternative forms of healing from the inside-out.  



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