Circling is "Life-Changing"

What if there was a transformational process that was both fun and interactive? And what if it Circling Coaching also gave you a deeper sense of belonging?

Welcome to the world of Circling Space! 

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MAY 26, 2021


This Event Is Perfect For You If...

~ You Enjoy Playful, Interactive Workshops.

~ You Crave DEEPER Connection with Others.

~ You Love Learning new Communication Tools.

~ You Want to Know Yourself and Others Better. 

~ You Love Being in the NOW Moment.     

~ You Want to Discover the Power of Circling.


"Simply a Life-Changing Experience!"

Circling Coaching

“I’m grounded in my body and have quieted my monkey mind. I’ve expanded my ability to show up with authentic presence which has made my communication with my husband, family and friends richer. And I feel more energized, curious and connected — all things that are enhancing my work as a yoga teacher and women’s empowerment educator.” – Isabel Brodsky, NY, USA

"Love the Support of the Circling Community"

Circling CoachingThe thought of circling initially scared me. Still, there was something about Circling Space that was drawing me in. I felt it held tremendous growth opportunities and I was right. The support of the Circling Coaching community has been invaluable. After just a few sessions, I’m more comfortable in my own skin. And I feel I’m more me, not just in circling, but in my personal relationships as well. Thanks!” – Ryan Egan, AZ, USA

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Circling Heals and Feels Great!

Asthor of Norway calls Circling Space “healing” because it’s a place where everyone can just be themselves. 
In short, Circling Space is a safe, open and fun place to discover who you really are in the loving presence of others. You naturally Step into more of your Authentic Self.

Enjoy the Lightness of Being Human

Lara, an American in Amsterdam, shares the joy of Circling Space. And she’s not alone. Once you too, experience Circling Space, you’ll realize your journey has brought you to this opportunity for connection, awareness, and change. Come join us… Come “Enjoy the Lightness of Being  Human”.

Be a part of the Magic that is Circling Space.

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