What Is Circling Space?

A safe online place where we come together from across the globe to explore more mindful and playful ways of interacting based on our 7 Circling Principles.
Come experience true acceptance where everybody’s uniqueness is honored. You really have to experience it to “get” it. That’s why we’ve made our trial membership so easy and affordable.

Why Circle?

We humans are literally hard-wired for connection. Our whole being thrives and expands when we build deeper connection with others and this creates a richer relationship with ourselves. Feeding your need for authentic connection nourishes your entire being — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Where Is It?

We use our devices — computers tablets and smart phones — to connect on Zoom. And since more than 70% of human communication is non-verbal, it’s essential that all participants have full audio and video capabilities. This assures that everyone has a safe and fulfilling experience
Are you intimidated by technology? No worries… Zoom is super easy and user-friendly. Click here for a simple Zoom video tutorial.

When Is it?

As a member, you’ll have access to over 44 live, online sessions per month. When you join, the sessions show up on the schedule in your time zone. For now, you can see the schedule and sessions here in Eastern time.

What Kinds of Circles Do We Offer?

Currently, we offer three kinds of circles: Fundamentals, Open and Reflection. Everyone is welcome to attend any of our circles. No previous experience is necessary. Even if you’re brand new to circling, you’ll feel welcome and comfortable in any of our circles.

Fundamentals is the perfect place to learn more about our Circling Space Principles and basic practices while actually doing it.
Open Circles are just that — wide open. All participants come and engage spontaneously in the moment. Everything is welcome, so any theme or activity might show up.
Reflection Circles focus on one circle member by exploring what it’s like to be them. The CS Principle of Mirroring is especially active in this type of circle as you’re invited to see aspects of yourself in the person being circled.

What’s Your Investment?

Just $11 gets you a two-week trial and a 45-minute private onboarding session with one of our facilitators. We know it can be challenging to try a new social activity, so we’ve created a process that fully supports you.

What we do at Circling Space is so indescribable that you can only understand it by doing it. That’s why we’re basically giving it to you for free for 14 days. Join now and try our heart-centered circling for just $11.

If you like it as much as we think you will, you’ll simply continue to pay the introductory $55/month rate for as long as you’re a member. The regular monthly membership rate will be $77 in the future. That means when you join now and are “grand-mothered” in, you’re saving $264 a year.

And as a Circling Space member, you get 10% off any of our Deep Dive Online Intensives or Live Workshops.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up below for $11 and give Circling Space a test drive (beware, it’s  addictive)!

We're So Glad You're Joining Us our terms - The Not so Fine Print
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